Our new location is at 2891 E Ponce de Leon Ave in Decatur GA. We are located close to the Dekalb Farmers Market on the corner of East Ponce and Dekalb Industrial.

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A Beer and Wine Making Story

Marcia’s Vision: A Beer and Wine Making History

Wine Workshop and Brew Center is the fulfillment of Marcia Langford Perez’s vision to honor her late brother, Gene. Her journey began some years ago. Today her vision is a reality: a wine making shop that carries a wide range of home brewing and wine making products.

Her Brother’s Vision

Gene owned a small farm in north Florida where he had planted a small vineyard. Instead of growing the typical Florida grapes, he chose to grow Cynthiana/Norton grapes. It was a bold move. It was reminiscent of a Langford ancestor. Their grandfather was a pioneer. One of his bold moves was to plant sugar cane. Something that had never been done before in north Florida.

When it came time to harvest the grapes and make wine, Gene wisely choose Philip Langford, their brother, as the vintner. By this time, Philip had distinguished himself as an excellent home brewer. The first harvest produced a scant 30 gallons of wine. Subsequent harvests have topped 150 gallons.

The Start of Something New: A Wine Making Shop

Marcia and her husband, Gerald, became interested in the wine making process. Along with the whole family, they got involved in tending to the vineyard. They also became avid home winemakers and home brewers. None of this would have been possible without Marcia’s siblings. Her sister, Leslie lent her organizational and culinary skills to the effort. Philip’s offered guidance and encouragement. In addition, he shared his beer and wine making knowledge.

The company’s mission is to promote the appreciation of craft beer and wine. Education and the availability of quality ingredients is a key way to do this. Our in-store wine making service is a key part of the educational process. In addition, Wine Workshop and Brew Center offers introductory and advance home brewing classes.