Wine Making Class:

We offer a wine making class that meets three times over a course of 4 weeks. These classes are usually held on Sunday afternoons. In this class you and a guest will make 2 or 3 wine kits depending on the amount of people in the class, and you take home 12 bottles per couple. If three kits are made you get 4 bottles of each, if two kits are made you take home 6 bottles per kit.

Introduction to Home Brewing:

This class is for people who are interested in brewing at home in the kitchen. We demonstrate the brew day process by brewing a 5 gallon Brewer's Best Kit inside our shop. You will learn the basics of brewing as well as some interesting information, in a fun atmosphere.

Build Your Cellar Premium Class:

This is our premium wine making class that consists of two sessions separated by 10 weeks. You will make 3 platinum line wine kits and each couple will take home 4 bottles of each. This class has light snacks and a more party-like atmosphere.

Call for pricing and availability.