Wine Making in our Shop – Have Fun. Be Proud.

Our in-store wine making equipment is ready for you.

After discussing your wine preferences, we’ll help you choose quality ingredients and help you get started on this new adventure. We have a variety of 6 gallon wine kits from Wine Expert and R.J.S to choose from that cover a wide range of wine varietals and regions. We also offer fresh juice twice a year in the Spring from Chile, and in the Fall from California and Italy.

After picking your wine kit we will instruct you on how to start the process of wine making. You’ll finish the first session with the magic of sprinkling the yeast into your dedicated wine container. Once started, the wine ferments and you come back 2-4 weeks later to stabilize and de-gas the wine. The final step comes another 2-4 weeks later when you come to bottle your wine. Then you’ll be able to label the bottles with your unique and personalized labels. You’ll have about 28 to 29 bottles of world class wine. Wine making in our store is easy, since we’ll guide you each step of the way.

Take your wine home and enjoy. Imagine how proud you’ll be when you tell your friends and family, “I made it myself.”

Info & Pricing

Come select one of our 6 gallon veriatal wine kits to make 28 to 29 bottles of wine to take home.

To make a wine kit in the shop using our equipment and expertise, the pricing is the cost of the wine kit plus a $75 wine making fee, and the cost of bottles. You can re-use commercial bottles of wine that aren't twist off as long as they are cleaned soon after use. If you wish to purchase your bottles on the bottling day, they are $1 each.

We offer 3 levels of quality wine juice kits; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver kits can be completed in 4 weeks and can be enjoyed sooner than gold/platinum kits, which take 6-8 weeks from start to bottle and benefit from longer term aging(6-12 months) in the bottles to reach their full potential.

Silver Line:

Total Cost Including Bottles w/out tax: $190-$230

Gold Line:

Total Cost Including Bottles w/out tax: $230-$300

Platinum Line:

Total Cost Including Bottles w/out tax: $300-$340

Making wine with us involves three visits, and a total of 4-10 weeks depending on the quality level of the kit.
Call ahead for kit availability and to schedule your wine making!

Some of our different wine varietal kits.

Customize your labels!